A work made to perfection guarantees durability, stength and aesthetic results.

La Pietra Compattata products must be installed on a concrete screed (with the addition of electro-welded wire mesh or suitable rebar) which is stable, dry and cured, neither frozen nor excessively hot, clean and free from any irregularities or substances that might jeopardize subsequent bonding.

Expansion joints must be provided every 3/4 linear metres approximately and in any case at points identified by the architect or site manager. Always check that levels and slopes guarantee proper water runoff. La Pietra Compattata products are designed for cutting with a diamond blade wet saw. The material should be laid with 5 mm joints.

In any case, follow the instructions given by the architect or site manager.


Using a 10 mm notch trowel, apply a suitable adhesive, classified by major adhesive manufacturers as C2TE S1, to the prepared smooth screed (or flexible and/or technical membrane).
When laying large sizes (side 67.2 cm) use:
  • A fast-drying adhesive classified as C2FTE S2
  • A 15 mm U-notch trowel with double buttering
  • Cover with plastic sheeting for at least 4 days from the time of installation
  • Follow the instructions given by the manufacturers of the materials for substrates and adhesives used.


For the bedding screed, we recommend using a mixture of clean, washed aggregates with particle size of 0/4 mm in diameter, low in salts in order to avoid efflorescence. In addition, we suggest using a suitable percentage of cement.


To slow down the speed of absorption, wet the La Pietra Compattata material, without leaving water in the joints. Next, spread the sealant suitable for wide joints (coarse-grained), taking care to fill all the joints, spreading it with a rubber spatula (or rake) in all 4 directions. After a few minutes, emulsify with a traditional sponge or suitable floor buffer with brush. Next clean the floor, removing excess grout with a manual sponge or power sponge machine, taking care to change the water frequently.

Follow the instructions given by the manufacturers of the materials for substrates and adhesives used.


La Pietra Compattata can be cleaned using high-pressure water jets or basic cleaning products that are readily available on the market.

La Pietra Compattata can be cleaned using a neutral detergent. For specific stains, contact our sales department.

For more information on the treatment and maintenance of the Compound Stone, download the PDF guide.


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