Water-repellent like La Pietra Compattata.

[wô′tər ri pel′ənt] Adj., n.
adj. That doesn’t absorb water.

n. Substance used to waterproof.

Adjective and noun that explains one of the instrinsic performances of La Pietra Compattata.

Our labs, in collaboration with European level technicians, has improved the performances of La Pietra Compattata both in mechanical terms and in simplicity of cleaning, increasing the water-repellent capacity of the surface

The technical improvement has become part of the production cycle raising further the intrinsic performances of La Pietra Compattata: by acting on the whole mixture we are able to guarantee homogeneous and distributed protection over the entire material, resulting in a consequent durability over time.

This innovation guarantee a strong ad lasting water-repellent power: this effect ideed inhibits the migration of the water, conseguently limiting the formation of efflorescence; the internal pores are protected but not filled, avoiding the impairment of the breathability

Making the entire mass water-repellent you can also hinder the accession and the entry of soiling agents, ensuring general protection

Talking about aesthetics: increase the brightness of the colors, unchancing the nuance.

You can see the advantages of this technical improvement especially in the simplicity of cleaning first of all on the construction site, where the processes can leave traces on the final result, and subsequently in domestic life or in public cleaning.

Still be intact qualities as breathability, generated by the porosity of the material, the Slip-resistant R13C feature, which guaratee the safetiness. 

We believe in "taking care" as a creative act, a gesture that modifies the existing by generating beauty: in fact, in order to keep La Pietra Compattata surfaces unchanged over time, it is necessary to follow the recommended maintenance and treatment instructions, taking care of the work done in order to appreciate it  also tomorrow. (Discover more at Technical Area)

We are a dynamic company, young in desires and in technological research, which constantly changes by developing products and evolving in materials: this is to highlight that we don’t feel fulfilled yet, but we know that we can improve day after day. 

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