Drawing inspiration from the environment, from the evergreen plants, from the lush foliage, from the arboreal and floral motifs, the new Verde Abete in Pietra Compattata is born, a color that speaks the language of nature.

Declined for both outdoor and indoor, the Verde Abete enters the color palette of La Pietra Compattata expressing one of the 2019 design trends also confirmed by Pantone.

Made with natural materials, the soul of the La Pietra Compattata brand, this color enhances the triumph of the earth, the search for ecology, attention to the dictates of the environment, today a necessity not only ethical but existential.

The Verde Abete is a predominant color, strong and bold, which meets the most decisive tastes, always in strong evolution.

A proposal that embraces man. An ideal chromatic choice to create green islands within your own home, spaces where relax and rest are the only rules; a color that gives tranquility and enters into synergy with its inhabitants.

Verde Abete is also elegance, luxury and opulence, not only for the soul but also for aesthetic pleasure.

The new Verde Abete color variant is already in the La Pietra Compattata catalog, to present itself as an additional nuance to the 14 existing colors, 3 of which are green expressions.Verde Abete is available in the two destinations of use such as out_PIETRA and in_PIETRA, in the collections:

CROMIE: compact, consolare, lappato

LIKEABEE: cromie

A color in pietra compattata that perfectly matches the other materials: thanks to its veins and imperfections the wood follows the naturalness of the stone to which it is approached for example through furniture or furnishing elements; also glass, another trend material of the year, creates a contrast of surfaces, allows light to filter or reflect, and expresses all the shades of Verde Abete. 

Triumph of nature, natural materials, predominant colors and more daring furnishing choices: La Pietra Compattata is always in step with design trends, constantly changing and improving to become adaptable  material in the creative hands of the designer.


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