The bathroom: an environment to be furnished with La Pietra Compattata

Resistance, functionality, ease of cleaning and style are the necessary features to make a bathroom a place of well-being, the same features as La Pietra Compattata.

Unexpectedly by those who imagine, the bathroom is one of the favorite rooms of La Pietra Compattata where resistance, functionality, ease of cleaning and style are the necessary features to make it a place of well-being.

When designing a new bathroom, or rebuilding an existing one, aesthetics often have to compromise with quality. La Pietra Compattata in this case plays an important role, because the desire to use a sophisticated and unique material is possible thanks to its high technical performance.

La Pietra Compattata indeed is:

  • Breathable: thanks to its porosity, the material has a high breathability that prevents water build-up and surface deterioration.
  • R13C anti-slip: certified feature that guarantees safety and therefore combines with the sought-after comfort in the bathroom.
  • Easy to clean: water, cloth and neutral detergent are the only tools needed to clean La Pietra Compattata, an extremely functional surface even in this respect.
These benefits make La Pietra Compattata in its version in_PIETRA in 15 mm thickness an ideal 360 ° material for furnishing the bathroom.
Floor and wall tiles, shower floor and shower paneling, can be made of a single material to create a unique, inimitable tactile surface.

Functional even in the most humid areas of the bathroom, La Pietra Compattata also enters the shower: from the covering to the top to create an original furnishing, where the only care will be to combine a flush floor drain system to create the shower floor with the relative water drainage channels.

These drain channels can be made of the same material or steel, according to the individual aesthetic taste.

Proven functionality, adaptability to the environment, the possibility of creating finishes for every detail forming part of the bathroom furniture, the choice is freed up to give pleasure to aesthetics.

The various realizations made do not allow us to recommend a single collection, between Cromie, Pietre and Likeabee, but to make any interpretation in harmony with your bathroom ideal possible.

Cromie_Consolare_Nero 8,2x33,3

Cromie Consolare Nero laid not stuccoed is combined with extremely modern and essential furnishings, which can be personalized with gold-colored accessories and a more vintage style.

Pietre_Naturale_Quarzite Bianca 33,x67,2

Pietre hanks to its fineness and homogeneity of product creates a more linear and sophisticated bathroom, adaptable to simpler tastes.

LikeABee_Cromie_Consolare_Bianco - Giallo - Nero 25x29 LikeABee_Cromie_Consolare_Nero 14,5x16,5

LikeABee breaks the mold: contemporary and material takes the bathroom to become a protagonist environment of the home.

Cromie_Consolare_Blu - Verde Bosco - Bianco 8,2x33,3

Regardless of the collection chosen, a bathroom made with La Pietra Compattata, thanks to its wide color palette, can give vent to the imagination of the most imaginative, giving pleasure to the innovative and well-being of those who make color a lifestyle.

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