A new face for your home

Restructuring the front of the house with La Pietra Compattata will be a more available dream thanks to the 2020 Facade Bonus.

Between exterior and interior, from outdoor to indoor one of the elements that designs the style of the house is its facade, the front or, in general, the main part of a house with different architectural solutions. The front side is therefore the first element on which the observer's eye falls, often reflecting the interior design of the house.

Condominium, townhouse or independent house are some types of private residential homes that in 2020 will be able to take advantage of the Bonus Facades, for the renovation of the exterior of the house, enjoying a personal income tax relief of 90%.

An important incentive given the commitment that involves the renovation of a facade: whether it is an independent house or a structure with several apartments, the renovation of the external walls involves both the homeowner and the public context to which it belongs , as an element of great visual impact for the city landscape.

Structural design, style, material and color become important choices, to be evaluated in accordance with one's aesthetic taste, the landscape context and functionality.

La Pietra Compattata is suitable for covering the external walls of a building: form and functionality come together in a brilliant solution for exteriors, giving the facades a material and natural appearance.

Thanks to a wide range of surfaces and colors it is possible to create different effects: from the modern to the classic, from the brick effect to the stone effect, based on the size, color and laying. La Pietra Compattata can be shaped according to the desired result.

La Pietra Compattata is available in 22 mm and 15 mm thickness also for facade, depending on the design requirements. The breathability and resistance to frost guarantee the durability of the work: indeed, thanks to the technical characteristics of La Pietra Compattata, the façade will no longer require subsequent maintenance, because it remains unaltered over time.

La Pietra Compattata can be laid on plaster, on concrete casting or on cladding: its ease of adhesion knows no barriers, once again putting functionality at the service of aesthetic pleasure.

As foreseen by the Budget Law and by the 2020 fiscal decree, from next year the facades bonus will be active, which provides for an income tax relief of 90% for those who restructure facades of condominiums and private buildings. For those who have been dreaming of giving a new face to their home for a long time, this is the right chance: it is therefore necessary to design today to be able to work in mid-seasons, enjoying a milder climate that will facilitate the work and an interesting economic advantage, available for now only during 2020.

La Pietra Compattata puts at the service of the private person, the surveyor and the architect all his skills in the field of outdoor design, in order to take advantage of tax breaks and satisfy the taste of those who choose it.

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