Porch or terrace: live the summer between outside and inside.

La Pietra Compattata was created to set the outdoor, to transform the outside as a space where you can live moments of relax and conviviality. 

Never like this year are we eager for the outdoors: those who are more fortunate have been able to experience the outdoors since spring thanks to the climate and the impossibility of leaving their homes. Those who have been less fortunate today express their desire to create a space between the garden and the balcony that can accommodate moments of relax.

out_PIETRA is La Pietra Compattata for outdoor in 22mm thickness, a timeless and eternal material thanks to its technical and functional characteristics such as breathability, anti-freeze, anti-slip, salt resistance, drive-over and ease of cleaning.

The ease of cleaning is a fundamental detail in the choice of surfaces like pedestrians such as porches and terraces always in contact with the outside: in fact, it is essential to be able to easily clean the rooms that host our convivial moments in the family and with the friends, where a lunch or dinner must not become a synonym of concern for any stains that may arise.

In the case of greasy stains, oil, acidic foods or aggressive drinks, La Pietra Compattata must be treated with a neutral detergent with degreasing power, preventing the stain from penetrating into the material.

The addition of periodic maintenance will allow the splendor of the out_PIETRA to remain unchanged over time: simply simply wash the surface with high pressure water, with the help of a cold pressure washer, to easily free the surface from dirt; with very little effort and without the use of chemical agents, the floor will come back to life, shining as if just laid.

Cromie_Consolare_Bianco 8,2x33,3 - 25x33,3

Cromie_Consolare_Bianco 8,2x33,3 - 25x33,3


Designing and furnishing the exterior correctly allows you to take full advantage of the space, both in the most functional areas such as sidewalks, driveways and stairs, and in areas dedicated to conviviality and pleasure such as porches, gardens, terraces and swimming pools.

Here are some ideas of those who have already decided to set the outside and fully enjoy their summer.

Cromie_Consolare_Nero 25x25

Pietre_Fiammata_Pietra Serena 33,3x67,2 + Progetti Sartoriali_Decoro 33,3x67,2


Cromie_Consolare_Mattone Cotto 12,25x25


Visit our gallery and discover more ideas to set your outdoor> www.lapietracompattata.it

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