Pool: the best season to make it is now!

Polyhedric and functional La Pietra Compattata is the best surface for designing swimming pools as true oases of pleasure and relax based on your taste.

Whether skimmer or overflow, La Pietra Compattata thanks to its special processing applications, is the technical solution for any type of pool:

In the case of an in-ground skimmer pool La Pietra Compattata is used for the overhanging edges, among which several options are available:
L-shaped edges, with bullnose step, with rounded edge machining available in all collections and formats. 
The craftsmanship of La Pietra Compattata does not limit the imagination of the project, by virtue of the pleasure of the outdoor .

On the other hand, if you opt for an overflow inground pool, the patented technology makes it possible to create the grid element, necessary to drain the water inside the containment duct, in the same color as the compacted stone collection chosen for the entire perimeter.


Edge realized with L-shaped element                                                     Edge realized with "ciottolo a filo"

In both cases the compacted stone can also be used for the internal lining of the pool, from the bottom to the walls of the pool. This is another fundamental aspect because it really affects the aesthetic level of the pool: in fact, the colors reflected from the water, give back to the environment unexpected shades redefining the style.

Whatever the choice on the type of pool, it is necessary to identify the collection of La Pietra Compattata that best meets the eyes of the designer: thanks to the characteristics of the material, all the collections in the out_PIETRA section can participate in designing the desired project. 

The choice between color and format is to be found in the 4 different collections out_PIETRA:

CROMIE gives the space the appearance of a real stone. Compact, Consolare and Lappato are the three different surfaces available
PIETRE thanks to precious and fine materials has a more homogeneous appearance. Naturale, Fiammata, Lappata are the three different surfaces available
LikeABee differs in the hexagonal format and can present the appearance of the Cromie and Pietre collections in the different surfaces.
Progetti Sartoriali contain the designer's creativity to create the compacted stone that does not yet exist.

Thus conviviality and pleasure meet functionality and safety: in fact the singularity of the surfaces of La Pietra Compattata is the optimal solution to design the areas dedicated.
La Pietra Compattata expresses these benefits, essential elements when thinking about the game and fun of even the smallest:

anti-slip allowing treading in complete safety
permeability and breathability, to avoid water accumulation
resistance to the passage of time, not altering in color
resistance to salt and to the disintegrating action of frost
reduced heat absorption index, to avoid burns, for pleasure.

Now that the project is in place, the time comes to realize the dream pool.

Contrary to what one might think summer, or rather its ending, is the ideal time to build an outdoor pool. Between the end of August and the beginning of autumn the season allows cool and pleasant temperatures, without excess heat or heavy rains.

Excavations, construction works and above all the laying of the compacted stone find the correct period in this, allowing the glue to act effectively, expressing the full potential of the material and facilitating the works.

The extreme functionality is consolidated and at the service of the creativity of shapes and colors. The certified surface Grip is the choice of many who decide to expand the outdoor area enriching it with a splendid swimming pool. Moreover, thanks to its versatility, the exterior and the interior come together in a common thread traversed by characteristic elements of La Pietra Compattata as it is material, natural, innovative and extremely fascinating.

For your pool, think about La Pietra Compattata: the end result will exceed your imagination.

Discover all the pools made with La Pietra Compattata by clicking here > www.lapietracompattata.it/en/gallery/pools

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