PIÙ: the new colorful grouts

Add details to La Pietra Compattata surfaces.

La Pietra Compattata has created PIÙ: a line of fine-grained grouts available in the colors of the Cromie and Pietre collections usable for the in_PIETRA version.

A simple and intuitive name rich in content: PIÙ underlines the desire to add details to La Pietra Compattata surfaces.

The emphasis of this new collection is on color: PIÙ is available in a wide palette of colors, in combination with the Cromie and Pietre Collection, to give structure and visual continuity to the surfaces. One of the peculiarities that distinguish La Pietra Compattata is the possibility of combining any color to create endless polychromatic combinations: thanks to the new grouts collection the result is more homogeneous or contrasting without losing attention to the final result.

Cromie_Compact_Nero_StuccoPIÙ Salmone


PIÙ allows a mix&match of graphic elements that segment and unify at once, decorating the surface with combinations or contrasts, always respecting personal taste.

Like the colors that distinguish us, PIÙ is characterized by the full, deep, and heterogeneous color, ideal for the grouting of La Pietra Compattata 15 mm thickness. Creating floors and walls in pietra compattata with a continuous or contrasting joint will be even easier, allowing the different surfaces to be imprinted with character.

FORMAE_Tondo diametro mm 34_ Salmone_Mattone Cotto_Rosso_StuccoPIÙ Mattone Cotto.

PIU' is the new collection of fine-grained stucco composed of 26 colors, each carefully studied to guarantee the maximum aesthetic yield and long-lasting ease of use.

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