Outdoor colors

From the balcony to the large terrace, from the patio to the garden to the pool, here are all the colors to design your outdoor with La Pietra Compattata.

Warmer temperatures make us forget about winter and, as nature, we explode with the desire to bloom again.

The desire to live outdoors increases within us and our mind designs spaces outside and moments of relax to be enjoyed together.

out_PIETRA is La Pietra Compattata addicted to the outdoors: in its 22 mm thickness it is ideal for designing and furnishing the outdoors correctly allowing you to take full advantage of the space, both in the most functional areas such as sidewalks, driveways and stairs, and in pleasure areas such as porchs, gardens, terraces and swimming pools.

Natural stone materials are a simple, elegant variant and extremely in line with the desire to furnish the outside: preferring a light or warm color increases the brightness of even the smallest spaces, expanding their volumes. Many also prefer intense colors, such as Black, but the technical characteristics of La Pietra Compattata do not vary with the colors.

In fact, in addition to the wide range of colors, La Pietra Compattata is chosen for its intrinsic qualities such as:

  • anti-slip allowing walking in complete safety
  • permeability and breathability, to avoid water accumulation
  • resistance to the passage of time, not altering in color
  • resistance to salt and the disintegrating action of frost
  • reduced light and heat absorption index, without helping to increase the temperature of the environment in which it is installed, thus reducing the heat island effect and any scalding when walked on. SRI (Solar Reflectance Index)> 29

 F.lli La Spisa - out_Pietra  Pietre_Pietra Serena_Fiammata 16,5x33,3



One of the peculiarities of La Pietra Compattata is that its collections are available for both indoor and outdoor, creating the possibility of furnishing indoor and outdoor floors with the same material: using different thicknesses, in_PIETRA in 15mm for indoor and out_PIETRA in 22 mm. for the outdoors, indoors and outdoors will become a single continuous environment, thus expanding the concept of in and out.

So even a small balcony, perhaps preceded by a large window, brings the outside into the house or perhaps even a simple and modern furniture creates a niche of pleasure on the balcony.

Gervasoni Via Durini – out_Pietra  Cromie_Consolare_Nero 25x25



From the most functional outdoor areas to those dedicated to conviviality and outdoor pleasure, La Pietra Compattata finds its natural habitat.

Born for the outdoors, thanks to its high technical performance, this material furnishes and paves paths, gardens or courtyards.

The infinite colors satisfy any outdoor design ideas with an accent on shades of green: choosing a format from the Cromie collection in Verde Scuro or Verde Bosco will reduce the evidence that the material will have in the grassy context, aligning itself with the natural color of the mantle and integrating with it.

For driveways and sidewalks there are those who often prefer colors in line with the external facades: the choice of color in any case will not have to compromise with the dirt caused by the weather because with the simple and regular cleaning with an intense water jet La Pietra Compattata will return to its original splendor.

 out_PIETRA  Cromie_Compact Consolare_Verde Abete 5,4x16,5



La Pietra Compattata expresses the concept of functionality that does not compromise with beauty: in fact it can be used to pave porches and outdoor areas or to outline and cover swimming pools.

For arcades and deors, there are those who prefer a more traditional style and warm colors, such as Brick and Red; many instead rely on lighter colors that radiate more natural light. Few daring choose more disruptive details and poses such as the sea view in Salmon and Ultramarine Blue posed in a herringbone pattern (cover image).

out_PIETRA  Cromie_Consolare_Arancio - Mattone Cotto 12,25x25


But for some there is much more: from the porch to the pool it really takes a moment. Running on La Pietra Compattata without the risk of slipping and getting burned is the perfect springboard for a dive.

Whether skimmer or overflow, the compacted stone pool offers technical and stylistic solutions that combine pleasure and functionality. From the edges to the internal lining, La Pietra Compattata can design a swimming pool with unique details and colors.

The colors chosen to create a compacted stone pool are for the most part soft but nothing prevents you from playing with alternating tones or darker colors.

The only prerogative is the customer's pleasure.

out_PIETRA Cromie_Blu Oltremare Avorio_Ciottoli


Colors, surfaces and formats express the craftsmanship of La Pietra Compattata which places no limits on the imagination of the project, thanks to the pleasure of the outdoors.

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