Because the house begins from the out.

We create surfaces and innovative solutions through the use of recycled materials for living spaces really linked with nature and its elements.

THINKGREEN is our motto!

No emission of CO2 and polluting substances thanks to the simple drying of the product, the use of recycled water, the exclusive use of recycled materials, the reuse of processing waste and zero waste.

An ecological choice that matches the design of the outdoor space, for surfaces of high aesthetic value, extremely functional and environmentally friendly.
out_PIETRA is La Pietra Compattata dedicated to the outdoors, the first environment you come across entering the home: designing and furnishing the exterior correctly allows you to take full advantage of the space, both in the most functional areas such as sidewalks, driveways and stairs, and in dedicated areas to conviviality and pleasure such as arcades, gardens, terraces and swimming pools.

out_PIETRA is natural, because it comes from raw materials such as porphyry, quartz and granite recovered from stone processing.

out_PIETRA is innovative. Expression of our company, that from the passion for the material, the technology and the environment, researches, continuously evolves and develops in the materials.

out_PIETRA is functional: the high technical performance is a fact, an essential element for those who choose to furnish the exterior.

out_PIETRA is chromatic. Infinite colors, like the name of the collection that includes 15 different colors, because the house starts from the outside.


out_PIETRA is made in 22 mm thickness, in a variety of formats.
out_PIETRA expands into the 4 collections that characterize La Pietra Compattata:
CROMIE: Compact, Consolare and Lappato
PIETRE: Naturale, Fiammata, Lappata
LikeABee in Cromie and Pietra surfaces
Progetti Sartoriali

The singularity of the surfaces in Pietra Compattata are the optimal solution for outdoor furniture: they have a remarkable resistance to the passage of time and are permeable and breathable to avoid water accumulations; they are also slip-resistant, resistant to salt and to the action of frost. The extreme functionality is consolidated and at the service of the creativity of shapes and colors that characterize La Pietra Compattata.

Special processes are another strength.

The following are available in the catalog:

- ORIENTA: hypothetical routes created according to legislation

- STAIRS: Rounded edge step, bullnose step and L-shaped element are among the available choices

- POOLS: the certified grip of surfaces is the choice of many that expand the outdoor area with a swimming pool

- SPECIAL PROCESSING: such as grating, window sill, belleved, water drip and L and U-shaped elements.

Design acquires a new meaning thanks to a continuity solution generated by the merging of the material that moves from the outside to the inside. In fact the fusion of out_PIETRA and in_PIETRA is possible thanks to the presence of the same collections and colors based on the two different destinations of use.
La Pietra Compattata floors for the exterior create a natural harmony between the environment and man, in the spirit of respectful coexistence.

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