The year to come

 Ri_tagliare il 2021

But television said the new year
Will bring a transformation
And we are all waiting
It will be three times Christmas and party all-day
Every Christ will come down from the cross
Even the birds will return

L'anno che verrà, Lucio Dalla, 1979.


The wait for a transformation represents an end that marks a new beginning.
We have not stopped, despite our suspension.

The hope of spending time with the loved ones and not just because it is Christmas, but because it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Forty-two years later, the words of the Italian singer Dalla enclose the sense of trust that pervades the year to come as the fantasies about new resolutions, although it is well known no one will keep them.

We wish you

To feel free to break them

To feel free to be

To feel free to live

As that feeling miss a little.


Merry Christmas
from the team of La Pietra Compattata




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