One of the most natural color perché because it takes inspiration from the earth: Terra di Siena is characterized by a wide chromatic range which goes from the ocra yellow to the reddish purple. 

The choice to insert the Terra di Siena in the chromatic range of colors which charatcterize La Pietra Compattata comes from the desire to keep alive the use of one of the most aged and traditional building materials in the history of our country, the cotto: the soul is new, because made in pietra compattata, but the functionality is unchanged,  always recognized in the ease of setting and use both indoors and outdoors.

The handicraft production creates unique pieces, different from each other, allowing the choice of Terra di Siena as the only color to set the surfaces. Soft and feminine combinations are obtained by combining Salmone. Unforgettable are the surfaces realized with "lisca di pesce" laying of the colors Terra di Siena, Arancio, Grigio, and Bianco.

The new color Terra di Siena is in_PIETRA, for covering and indoor floor, and out_PIETRA  for the outdoor, in the La Pietra Compattata CROMIE and LIKEABEE collections.
CROMIE and LIKEABEE are available in 3 different surfaces:
• COMPACT: the geometrical precision of a smooth surface with perfectly even edges.
• CONSOLARE: aged surface, unique items achieved by using a manual process.
• LAPPATO: a smoother surface, glossy and modern. 

CROMIE adapts to 15 formats available and LIKEABEE to 3.

To see Terra di Siena and the whole range of La Pietra Compattata live contact us at the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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