Dress the house with a single material. create surfaces and innovative solutions in order to make the house not just a container, but a living space really linked to the nature and its elements.

A product realized with the exclusive employment of recovered materials, in order to recycle and live according to nature, harmless to the environment and to the man who lives it.

La Pietra Compattata becomes out_PIETRA and in_PIETRA in order to mark its adaptability to its living environment.

Fascinated by pastel colors, caught by its surfaces, amazed by the possibility of drawing the house with a unique and innovative material, we took the needs expanding the La Pietra Compattata possibilities as indoor surface.

 in_PIETRA is pressed stone for indoor floors and coats, the answer to the interior designer who is looking for a product which is extremely materic, timeless and treated. 

in_PIETRA is unique, because it has no equals, with an unrepeatable singularity. a novelty among materials dedicated to interior architecture, characterized by a wide and modern chromatic range.

in_PIETRA is materic, thanks to raw materials as porphyry, quartz and granite crushed into an innovative mixture ad pressed in order to turn compact, which create the singularity of the La Pietra Compattata surfaces.

in_PIETRA is sensory, heterogeneity of the surface transmits concrete sensations, vibes in touching it, pleasure in walking barefoot on it.

in_PIETRA is timeless: surfaces in natural raw material are renewable over time. If the color choice is influenced by the mood or by the moment we are living, the material still unaffected and exceeds fashions and tastes. La Pietra Compattata is timeless, both in matter and in aesthetic pleasure.



in_PIETRA is realized in 15 mm thickness, in a variety of shapes for the different collections.

The treated surface is slip-resistant, water and oil repellent and stain-resistant, this features guarantee protection, impermeability, ease of cleaning, great capacity against dirt, durability over time and doesn’t change the natural aspect of La Pietra Compattata.


in_PIETRA is available in the 4 collections which characterize La Pietra Compattata: 

  • Cromie: Compact, Consolare and Lappato
  • Pietre: Naturale, Fiammata and Lappata
  • LikeABee in the Cromie and Pietre surfaces
  • Progetti Sartoriali
  • Skin: a novelty, a detail which decors the in_PIETRA surface.


in_PIETRA answer to the desire of a hungry, passionate and curious interior designer who designs spaces to meet the needs of those who want to furnish with style.

in_PIETRA to dress the entire house with a single material, natural, innovative, suitable for indoor floors or coats, from the living area to the kitchen, in the bathroom, from the coat to the shower floor.

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