GREEN since ever

Among all the features the Green is one of the genetic elements which compose La Pietra Compattata.

What now we consider the most precious element that constitutes our product is thanks to its creator: La Pietra Compattata was born by the will of our father, a man grown up in the countryside in the province of Modena, in that part of Emilia where industrial productivity and country lifestyle still go hand in hand. Strengthened by the link with his origins, our founder immediately looked for an evolution of the ceramic process with the aim of bringing nature to the creation of floors and walls.

The nature and its cycles, the processing times, the people: this are the fundamentals on which we still create and improve La Pietra Compattata.


An attention that comes from an aim: to create innovative surfaces and solutions in order to make the house not just a container but a living space really linked to the nature and its elements. Innovation and attention to the environment remain two of the bases to be pursued through continuous technological research that does not come to terms with the frenzy of the modern world.

Thanks to this choice of ecological responsibility, now La Pietra Compattata does not need to operate in order to improve its ecological aspect because it is green already



Throughout the production process, from the materials which compose its mixture to delivery to the construction site, La Pietra Compattata wears green:

- The raw materials which compose the mixture come from the cutting and processing of porphyry, quartz and granite: these, which are waste products for other companies, are highlighted in our production process, becoming part of La Pietra Compattata. Upcycling is the right term to define our reuse process, where from the use of waste materials, destined to be thrown away, we create something new with a greater value than the original material.

- Through our processing cycle, one of a kind, La Pietra Compattata is dried in a natural way: in fact, drying takes place at natural temperature following the seasonality of nature. Respect for the environment that goes hand in hand with the craftsmanship of the product which extend processing times for the benefit of a high quality result.

- The use of recycled water: in the cutting and tumbleing processes thaks to a system of recovering we reuse always the same water, abolishing all the wastes.


- Use of processing wastes: the qualitatively excellent but not intact material is used for cutting formats or for other processes while the wastes are given to companies that use them as a road substrate.

- Packaging with minimal environmental impact. No cardboard packaging, shrink-wrap in recycled plastic, returnable and reusable wood pallets: our green choice continues until the installation of La Pietra Compattata.

- Use of FSC certified cardboard and ecological paper tape for our samples: two materials to be reused or completely recycled as paper.



In this context increasingly oriented to corporate sustainability, we requested the mapping of our product to compete for the LEED® certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): in fact, through the use of La Pietra Compattata in the construction of any building, we contribute to giving added value to the structure and to create more eco-compatible projects.

The LEED® rating system certifies the building, not the individual products or components, but they can help meeting the requirements of the protocol and consequently to obtain the relative scores for the building.

La Pietra Compattata can contribute to the achievement of the LEED® certification score for the building in which it is installed by bringing credits in these categories:

Site sustainability: high score in the solar reflectance test

Materials and Sources: presence of recycled material both in the raw materials that compose La Pietra Compattata and in the packaging materials

Quality of the internal environments: they are produced with inert components




Among the features of La Pietra Compattata you can find its eternal being: its deathless aesthetics and its lasting essence make it timeless and unalterable.

An eternity that also resides in the perpetual collections: no color or format leaves the catalog allowing easy replacements or extensions.

An eternal beauty that once again underlines the eco-sustainability of La Pietra Compattata: what is indestructible is always a pleasure and  will never be replaced, not generating waste.

We believe in a GREENER world and we work to be a part of it.

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