Refinement in laying and color plays: why choose the fishbone

Among the various laying geometries, it is indisputable to say that La Pietra Compattata laid in a fishbone pattern is amazing!

Playing with our tozzetti it is natural to combine the different colors together, perhaps in different surfaces, exploiting their geometry and placing them at right angles: this often creates regular and symmetrical motifs that draw a fishbone.

Progetti Sartoriale_Pietre_Basaltina_Ardesia Brown_6,25x25


Pausing to analyze this spontaneous creativity, we discovered how the history and tradition of our beautiful country, and beyond, sees the herringbone pattern as one of the most historically used geometries: starting from the brick streets of the ancient Romans up to architecture of castles and fortresses of the middle of the last century, the fishgbone is a geometry that culturally has drawn our country and the artistic idea that we carry in our imagination.

Having rooted our origins in such an architectural aesthetic, it happens more and more often to see our tozzetti juxtaposed in a zig-zag: this movement probably stems from an innate instinct linked above all to the culture of natural products, where wood first of all buys further value if laid in this way.

The plus to this pose is given by the color: if the fishbone has always been a symbol of refinement and elegance, the mixture of colors and surfaces elevates the pose to a concept of rhythmic, amazing and unparalleled furniture.

Cromie_Compact_Consolare_Bianco_Grigio_Nero_Verde Chiaro_Verde Bosco_Verde Abete 5,4x16,5


The fishbone laying represents a timeless classic that can be created in 3 versions.

In the Italian fishgbone the individual strips are arranged perpendicular to each other, forming right angles.

Among the different variants it is the most laid by our customers because the 90 ° angles are not cut, thus not affecting all the beauty of la pietra compattata shapes.

In French fishbone laying, the strips are laid at a 45 ° angle, obtained by cutting each individual stone: the peculiarity of this laying pattern is the many strips that meet in a V shape and run parallel to each other , visually expanding the space and giving it a strong personality.

Similar to the French one, the Hungarian fishbone laying involves cutting the strips with an angle of 30 ° or 60 °.


The most used formats in the catalog are 5.4x16.5, 6.2x25 and 8.2x33.3: in the reproduction with watercolors we have deliberately designed a format that is not in the range, which can be cut.

It is precisely in the possibility of pushing oneself with the imagination that all the craftsmanship of La Pietra Compattata is expressed: creating a format that does not exist to design a new environment where the fishbone draws a contemporary and colorful texture, combining colors chromatically in contrasting line and surfaces.

Cromie_Consolare_Bianco_Verde Bosco_Blu 6,25x25

Make La Pietra Compattata the palette of colors to choose from as you create your herringbone.

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