The craftsmanship of FORMAE

For us, the craftsmanship is the truest expression of the creativity of a person.  

We base the conception and development of every single product we create on creativity, sometimes born from chance, simply changing perspective, other times for the need or desire of those who choose us. 

On this concept we have also created the LABORATORY OF IDEAS, a small atelier within our factory, where it is possible to create and experiment every day with La Pietra Compattata.

An example of craftsmanship is the FORMAE collection, a collection, today, of 5 different shapes made of compacted stone. In this collection, technology and craftsmanship are combined, the former serving the latter. In fact, the shapes of this collection arise from the cutting of "large" (if we can say so) sizes of the PIETRE and CROMIE collections, which through a laser engraving are broken up into many rounds, squares, triangles, rhombuses, hexagons; it is by the hands of the tailor that the work is completed, through the improvement of the shape itself and with the subsequent processing. Each piece, of any geometry, is chosen and affixed individually on the net, to create a patchwork of shapes and colors that will dress the surfaces with design. 

Creating FORMAE is like participating in a colored tangram, a real puzzle where the decomposition of the basic format recreates new geometries, apparently schematic figures which, thanks to the possibility of choosing the colors, become unreal images. 

This is why FORMAE has the characteristic of giving shape to the material: the union of raw materials, exclusively natural, compacted by pressing, makes La Pietra Compattata a ductile compound capable of assuming new forms that highlight the contrast between surface and soul. 

The shapes of this collection are 5: 

01_TONDO Perfection, fullness and harmony: boundary and content come together in an infinite figure. 

02_ROMBO Intentional movement and imbalance: attractive to the eye, thanks to the play of comings and goings that creates its perimeter, perfect in welcoming multiple forms. 

03_TRIANGLE Three, like perfection: stability and direction to indicate the path you want to follow. 

04_QUADRO A perfect geometric balance that gives stability to the material. 

06_ESAGONO The naturally efficient constructive form born from the union of triangles. 

The FORMAE collection is available in the surfaces NATURAL and FLAMED STONES and COMPACT and CONSOLAR COLORS, in the 15mm thickness in_PIETRA. 

Pablo Picasso used to say “Everything you can imagine is real”. We add that anything you can imagine you can create in compacted stone.  

Discover the FORMAE collection here 

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