La Pietra Compattata: functional even in the shower

Functional even in the wettest areas of the bathroom: La Pietra Compattata also enters the shower.

Resistance, functionality and ease of cleaning are the characteristics sought in the choice of materials for flooring and covering the house: these peculiarities are taken to extremes in the construction or renovation of a bathroom where excessive humidity requires the use of materials that are also breathable, able to absorb and release steam. A technically suitable bathroom gives ample space to the choice of comfort and well-being, allowing you to play with elements of high aesthetic value and visual pleasure.

In the last period we have been following more and more customers who choose La Pietra Compattata to create the bathroom design: the choice falls more and more often on its use at full height, placed on the walls dedicated to the sink, the bathroom fixtures and the shower. Many choose to play with the mix of colors and surfaces available, giving a strong visual impact to the environment, perhaps "ventilating" the aesthetics with empty and only painted walls. This is a laying solution that we like very much and that meets the taste of many designers.


Cromie_Compact_Nero 6,2X25

Project realized by Turchiano Architetti and Ime


From the floor to the wall, the technical features of La Pietra Compattata allow it to enter in the shower as well: a solution that allows for continuity in the environment where the stone covering embraces the entire space and where the game of laying the floor is free and without discontinuity.

La Pietra Compattata creates an original furniture, where the only care will be to combine a drain system flush with the floor, to create the shower surface with the relative water drainage channels.


Cromie_Compact_Arancio 5,4x16,5

Project realized by Arborescence Sud Ouest

The drainage channels can be made in the same compacted stone material or in steel, according to the individual aesthetic taste.

La Pietra Compattata in the in_PIETRA version in 15 mm of thickness is the ideal 360 ° solution for furnishing the bathroom where the floor, wall, shower surface and shower cladding can be made of a single material to create a tactile, singular and inimitable surface: a sensation perceived even with bare feet that recalls the pleasure of a spa.

Thanks to its tailoring, La Pietra Compattata can be used as a washbasin top: it is in fact possible to create unique surfaces of customized dimensions, creating something unique and in synergy with other details.

Cromie_Compact_Rosso 33,3x67,2

Project realized by Architetto Luisa Palmigiano,  Giuseppe Carollo for Garden House and impresa Elide srl

Space for unprecedented and free rein to creativity: La Pietra Compattata plays an important role between the desire to use a refined and unique material and its high technical performance. 

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