2020 in Colors is the motto that will accompany this year of new colors that will become part of the wide range of colors, a distinctive feature of La Pietra Compattata.

THERAPEUTIC. A new adjective distinguishes the brand, for the beneficial effect that colors have on the environment and on the man who lives it. It is in fact established that color has a positive impact both on a physical and psychological level on people, positively influencing the sensations, consequently the mood and well-being.

#ColoriInMovimento indicates a change in La Pietra Compattata which wears other pigments and expands its color palette from 15 to 19 shades.

Color as a form of expression, an element that develops to tune into man and interpret his needs, new words in the mind of those who want to express themselves with the language of colors.

Movement, the constant movement of those who not only accept being, but want to evolve, and seek new moods.

#ColoriInMovimento is a review of events that will take place on 4 dates, one a week, in February and will feature 4 partners of La Pietra Compattata.

Verde Acqua, Verde Salvia, Terra di Siena and Mandorla will wear the clothes of La Pietra Compattata to interpret the style that has always represented it.


06 February 2020 #ColoriInMovimento is Verde Acqua at BARBELLA in Castellammare di Stabia (NA)

13 February 2020 #ColoriInMovimento is Verde Salvia at PIPA in San Marino (SM)

20 February 2020 #ColoriInMovimento is Terra di Siena at BIENVIVRE in Siena (SI)

27 February 2020 #ColoriInMovimento is Mandorla at STEI in Castellana Grotte (BA)

For more information and to receive the dedicated invitation, contact us at the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Follow the hashtag #ColoriInMovimento to preview the new colors. 



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