2020 in Colors is the motto that accompanies this year for us still full of colors that leads us to the twentieth pietra compattata nuance.

#ColoriInMovimento is a journey to discover color, a constant evolution in La Pietra Compattata that changes by wearing other pigments.

Dynamism flows through our veins, it shudders in us and livens us up: waiting for us is impossible because we yearn for the desire to present the new Blu Avio to you.

Fashion brought it on display by placing it among the colors to wear;  the clear skies of these days show us to  our eyes;  the help of a small and attentive listener was the engine of this launch: in this standby period we needed hope and novelty and we created the Blu Avio in pietra compattata.

The most important push came from an 11-year-old girl, Matilda.  Tempera colors and brushes, a pinch of fantasy and the mix of tones, were the ingredients that colored Blu Avio. As Matilda taught us to put it in stone, it was child's play: we combined the correctly balanced colors with the powders, pressed and dried, and obtained the desired twentieth color.

Blu Avio has the tones of the sky on a clear day, when the gradation of blue turns to a gray undertone;  the name is inspired by the aviators' uniforms, thus embodying a timeless charm.

Chic, elegant, sophisticated interprets one of the many shades of blue, the color also chosen by Pantone for 2020.

Blu Avio combines with other shades of the same color as Blu Oltremare ;  if placed side by side with Salmone it creates a delicate mix, where the balance of the two shades gives very refined chromatic games.

It can be combined with earthy colors such as Mandorla o Giallo, in turn combined with Bianco: these three colors if laid in a fishbone pattern creating zigzag weaves that link fabrics of renowned stylists or Art Deco-style settings.

Wooden furnishings with an eclectic charm or flame red accessories stand out on a Blu Avio pietra compattata  floor, where this color is the protagonist.

The new Avio Blue color is in_PIETRA, for the internal covering and flooring, and out_PIETRA for the outdoor, in the La Pietra Compattata CROMIE and LIKEABEE collections.  CROMIE and LIKEABEE are available in 3 different surfaces: 

  • COMPACT: the geometric rigor of a smooth surface with completely regular edges
  • CONSOLARE: antiqued surface, unique pieces obtained by manual processing 
  • LAPPATO: a much smoother, patinated, contemporary surface.  

CROMIE adapts to 15 available formats and LIKEABEE to 3.


To receive a sample of the new Avio Blue color and discover the whole range of La Pietra Compattata contact us at the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Follow the hashtag #ColoriInMovimento to see all new colors.


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