33X50 the new format that furnishes the outdoor

La Pietra Compattata presents the new 33x50 format that traces the Basolato Romano history, stone used to build the streets of the Ancient Rome.  Its millennial charm is still visible today and is characterized by high resistance and the awesome aesthetic qualities.

Thanks to the union of porphyry, quartz and granite, exclusively natural raw materials recovered from the stones process, La Pietra Compattata takes on high technical performance creating an ideal surface in order to pav areas with high environmental stress.

The 33x50 format traces the original sizes adapting to the new  construction types and production technologies.

The pose, extremely easy allows to play with modularity: combined with other formats  it reaches  a unique charm.

Cromie _ Consolare _ Grigio 33.3x50.5 + 16.5x33.3

The 33x50 format is made in 22mm thickness and is available in CROMIE collection in these surfaces:

  • COMPACT: the geometrical precision of a smooth surface with perfectly even edges.
  • CONSOLARE: aged surface, unique items achieved by using a manual process.
  • LAPPATO: a smoother surface, glossy and modern.

And in PIETRE collection in these surfaces:

  • NATURALE: natural tones and shades, uniform to the touch.
  • LAPPATA: in the middle between glossy and matt, this surface looks smoother and more uniform.

Ideal for outdoors as lanes, pavements, driveways, pools and all urban furniture in general thanks to its technical features as slip-resistance R13C, frost resistance and salt resistance that make the floor an immortal one.

Cromie _ Consolare _ Grigio 33.3x50.5 + 16.5x33.3

Tap into the past to draw the future: a bold bet that only the bravest know how to grasp!

Discover the new format in CROMIE and PIETRE collections.

Cromie _ Consolare _ Grigio 33.3x50.5 + 16.5x33.3


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