20 colors to set the spaces

Furnishing the home, daily spaces, workplaces; draw swimming pools, sidewalks, terraces; design of pedestrian and driveways with high foot traffic; create unique environments with a well-defined identity; this is our job and we do it using simple tools like material and color.

We believe in color as a form of expression, a vocabulary of words in the mind of those who want to communicate with the language of creativity. More awere than before, we continue along this year promoting our nuances, 20 like the year we are experiencing, driven by the strength that the number gives us.

Expanding our color range was a choice, a goal promoted by several reasons:

  • A personal desire, to satisfy our constant search for beauty;
  • Design needs: we have been collaborating for some time with Creatives who are never satisfied with what they see, but always want to create something unique and personal, a need that they feed thanks to our "Laboratorio delle Idee”;
  • Testing our material: we always carefully choose the raw materials of which La Pietra Compattata is made and we continuously test its possibility of becoming a blank canvas for our and your creations;
  • To expand the color palette, patterns available to our customers.

From Bianco to Blu Oltremare let's discover together the 20 colors of La Pietra Compattata:

Bianco, Grigio, Nero, Avorio, Giallo, Arancio are the most reassuring colors, timeless nuances that perfectly match each other and all the other colors.

Mandorla, Testa di Moro, Salmone, Mattone Cotto, Terra di Siena, Rosso express the warm colors of the earth.

Verde Salvia, Verde Chiaro, Verde Acqua, Verde Scuro, Verde Abete, Blu Avio e Blu Oltremare tell the liveliness and intensity of nature.

In a constant mix and match between formats and laying geometries, La Pietra Compattata does not set limits to the flair.

The CROMIE and LIKEABEE collections are dressed in 20 shades, available in 3 surfaces:

• COMPACT, stands out for its geometric rigor of a smooth surface with completely regular edges;

• CONSOLARE from the antiqued surface where unique pieces are obtained by manual processing;

• LAPPATO with a much smoother, patinated, contemporary surface.

All 20 colors can be used to coat and floor the exterior and interior, in the thickness of 22 mm for the out_PIETRA and 15 mm for the in_PIETRA.

#ColoriInMovimento is the name of this journey that continues to discover color, a constant evolution in La Pietra Compattata that constantly changes.

2020 in Colors is the motto that accompanies this year, which we continue to see in colors.


Discover our collections here > www.lapietracompattata.it

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